Festival Chorus

The acclaimed Bellingham Festival of Music chorus brings together some of the finest singers from Whatcom County who rehearse for more than a month under the personal direction of Maestro Palmer to polish performances for each season’s choral finale. Recent performances have included Brahms’s Requiem, Haydn’s Creation, Mozart’s Requiem as well as operas including Beethoven’s Fidelio and Mozart’s Abduction from the Seraglio. Festival audiences appreciate this dedicated group of highly skilled singers willing to donate their time and talent to present choral masterpieces.


Yuki Caldwell
Aileen Gardner
Marty Hitchcock
Barbara Johnson
Katie Kennedy
Bonny Ledray
Li Li
Cherie Little
Lorisa Marshall
Katisha Reneau
Hilde Meadow
Mary Somerville
Shelly Swenson
Masa Wittkopp
Nanci Yazzolino


Susan Bennerstrom
Paige Brown
Debbie Brinson
Sally Chapman
Erica Charbonneau
Joy Church
Isabelle Cormier
Jayme Curly
Lorraine Earle
Mary Jackson
Joy Jonstone
Susan Johnson
Andrea Leksen
Tonja Myers
Jancy Richards
Naomi Pomerantz
Tammy Rutgers
Anneliese Floyd


Bill Bingham
Jesse Duda
Mitchell Kahn
Jon Roney
Bert Rutgers
Gerald Rutgers


Mark Barrett
Roger Clark
Dave Cross
Markku Knervikkoaho
Dick Little
Nicholas Martin
Sean Milligan
Dale McKechnie
John Moffatt
John Otwell
Clark Parrish
Jerry Potter
Leith Swenson
Joel Thuma
John Tilley
Bob Tull
David Vergin
Fred Leason
Jeff Margolis
Peter Gantt