2022 Festival Orchestra

Violin I

Justin Bruns, Concertmaster (7/2–7/8)

Chair Sponsor–Andrew Moquin

  • Associate Concertmaster: Atlanta Symphony
  • Concertmaster: Cabrillo Festival
Richard Roberts, Concertmaster (7/10–7/24)

Chair Sponsors–Deborah & Nick Kaiser

  • Concertmaster: Montreal Symphony Orchestra
Kenn Wagner, Assistant Concertmaster
  • Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
  • Faculty: Kennesaw State University & Morehouse College
Mark Reneau
  • Concertmaster: Chattanooga Bach Choir
  • Former Concertmaster: Huntsville Symphony
  • Nashville Opera
  • Substitute: Nashville Symphony
  • Faculty: Southern Adventist University
Juan R. Ramírez Hernández
  • Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
  • Founder & Artistic Director: Atlanta Virtuosi
    Foundation, Inc.
  • Conductor: Atlanta Community Symphony Orchestra
  • Buckhead Youth
Sinisa Ciric
  • Director of Artistic Operations: Savannah Philharmonic
  • Concertmaster: Savannah Philharmonic
  • First Violin: Balkan Quartet
Yefim Romanov
  • Assistant Concertmaster: The Florida Orchestra
Mary Sokol Brown
  • Vancouver Symphony
  • Turning Point Ensemble
  • Trio Accord
Davis Brooks
  • Professor Emeritus: Butler University
  • Chamber music, studio, and commercial artist
  • The Psychedelic Ensemble
  • Progressive Lenses
Emily Banzhaf
  • Regular Substitute: Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
  • Baltimore Freelancer
Emilie Choi (7/2)
  • Concertmaster: Auburn Symphony Orchestra
Tristan Siegel (7/8–7/24)
  • Yale School of Music
  • APEX Ensemble NYC

Violin II

Victor Costanzi, Principal

Chair Sponsors–Jack & Marybeth Campbell

  • Former Freelance Concertmaster: New York City Theaters
  • Chamber Music Artist
Carolyn Canfield
  • Concertmaster: Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra
  • Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (BC)
  • Vancouver Opera Orchestra (retired)
  • Chamber Music Coach: Bellingham Youth Chamber Players
  • New York Freelancer
Grant Donnellan
  • Former Concertmaster: Bellingham Symphony Orchestra
  • Professor: Western Washington University
  • String Area Coordinator: Western Washington University
  • Co-Director: WWU Summer Chamber
Bing Li
  • Professor: Renmin University of China, Beijing
  • Concertmaster: Pan Asia Symphony, New York
Garry Ianco
  • Guest Concertmaster: Albany Symphony
  • Brooklyn Chamber Orchestra
  • Touring violinist: Broadway Productions
Andrea Siradze
  • Assistant Principal Second: Vancouver Opera Orchestra
  • Concertmaster: Lions Gate Sinfonia
  • Second Violin: Microcosmos Quartet
Michael Heald
  • Associate Professor of Violin: Hugh Hodgson School of Music, University of Georgia
Anne Sokol Philpott
  • Indianapolis Symphony
  • Seattle Symphony
  • Seattle Opera
  • Faulkner Chamber Players


Christian Colberg, Principal (7/2–7/10)

Chair Sponsor–Diane Norman

  • Principal Viola: Cincinnati Symphony
Paul Murphy, Principal (7/12–7/24)
  • Associate Principal Viola: Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Marvin Warshaw
  • Principal Viola: New Haven Symphony Orchestra
Renate Falkner (7/8–7/17)
  • Faculty: George Mason University
  • Faculty: Peabody Preparatory
  • Regular Substitute: Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Eric Kean
  • Faculty: Western Washington University
Donna Lively Clark
  • Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra
  • Lockerbie String Quartet
  • Director: The Viola School
Rick Neff
  • Freelancer
William Goodwin (7/24)
  • Ulster Orchestra Society Ltd
  • The Florida Orchestra
Eve Tang (7/8–7/17)
  • Section: Austin Symphony
  • Principal: South Carolina Philharmonic
  • Substitute: Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra
  • Artist: Wintergreen Music Festival


Steven Thomas, Principal

Chair Sponsors–Barry Hembree & Michelle Judson

  • Associate Professor: University of Florida
  • Cello: Helton-Thomas Duo
Alfred Gratta
  • The Florida Orchestra
  • Faculty: Eckerd College
Fred Raimi (7/8–7/24)
  • Ciompi Quartet, Duke University
Anne Duthie McCafferty
  • Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (retired)
Page Smith-Bilski
  • Principal Cello: Pacific Northwest Ballet Orchestra
  • Seattle Freelancer
Adam Satinsky (7/12–7/17)
  • Principal Cello: Naples (FL) Philharmonic
  • Lowcountry Chamber Music Festival
  • Glenn Douglas Winter Festival
Dennis McCafferty
  • Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra (retired)
  • Faculty: University of Indianapolis
Virgina Dziekonski (7/2)
  • Assistant Principal Cello: Pacific Northwest Ballet
Roberta Downey (7/8, 7/24)
  • Seattle Symphony
David Sabee (7/12)
  • Seattle Symphony
  • Founder: Seattle Chamber Players
  • Founder, President: Seattlemusic, Inc.
Christine Lee (7/2)
  • L’arc Trio
  • Emerald City Music


Brendan Fitzgerald, Principal

Chair Sponsors–Bob & Betty Tull

  • Section Bass: St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
David Arend
  • Oakland Symphony
  • Alchemy Sound Project
  • Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
  • Composer
David Brown
  • Vancouver Symphony
  • Turning Point Ensemble
Sam Casseday
  • Regular Substitute: San Francisco Opera


Christina Smith, Principal

Chair Sponsor–Dave Peterson

  • Principal Flute: Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
  • Artist Affiliate: Emory University
Todd Skitch
  • Second Flute: Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
  • Charter Member: IRIS Orchestra


Harrison Linsey, Principal

Chair Sponsors–David Wu & Una Yang

  • Second Oboe: National Symphony Orchestra and San Diego Symphony
Danna Sundet
  • Professor: Kent State University
  • Kent/Blossom Music Festival
  • Erie Philharmonic
Gail Ridenour
  • Co-Principal: Bellingham Symphony Orchestra


Paul Demers, Principal (7/2)

Chair Sponsors–John Moffat & Karen Lerner

  • Bass Clarinet: Peter M. Joseph and Susan Rittenhouse Joseph Chair, Philadelphia Orchestra
Laura Ardan, Principal (7/8–7/24)

Chair Sponsor–Loraine Boland

  • Principal Clarinet: Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Erika Block
  • Instructor: Western Washington University
  • Fifth Inversion Wind Quintet

Bass Clarinet

Angelique Poteat (7/12)
  • Director: Young Composers Workshop
  • 2022-23 Artist-in-Residence: Seattle Symphony Orchestra
  • Principal Clarinet: Yakima Symphony Orchestra


Robert Williams, Principal

Chair Sponsors–Marty & Gail Haines

  • Principal Bassoon (Retired): Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Tom Fleming (7/8–7/17)
  • Second Bassoon: Dallas Symphony Orchestra
  • Faculty & Artist: Wintergreen Music Festival
Mona Butler (7/2)
  • Principal Bassoon: Pacific Northwest Ballet Orchestra
  • Second Bassoon: Seattle Symphony Orchestra (former)
  • Principal Bassoon: Israel Chamber Orchestra (former)
Pat Nelson (7/24)
  • Instructor: Western Washington University
  • Fifth Inversion Wind Quintet


Mona Butler (7/12, 7/24)
  • Principal Bassoon: Pacific Northwest Ballet Orchestra
  • Second Bassoon: Seattle Symphony Orchestra (former)
  • Principal Bassoon: Israel Chamber Orchestra (former)


Brice Andrus, Principal

Chair Sponsor–Carol Snowball

  • Principal Horn: Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (retired)
Katharine Caliendo
  • Jacksonville Symphony
  • Formerly Houston and San Antonio Symphonies
Susan Welty, Associate Principal
  • Associate Principal Horn: Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Kimberly Minson
  • Second Horn: Houston Grand Opera
Rodger Burnett (7/2, 7/12, 7/24)
  • Principal Horn: Pacific Northwest Ballet Orchestra
  • Adjunct Faculty: University Puget Sound and Seattle Pacific University
  • Seattle Symphony/Seattle Opera extra


Charles Butler, Principal

Chair Sponsors–Jim & Judy Woods

  • Assistant Principal Trumpet: Naples Philharmonic
  • Israel Philharmonic
  • Houston Symphony
Brian Shaw (7/2)
  • Principal Trumpet: Santa Fe Pro Musica
  • Principal Trumpet: Dallas Winds
  • Substitute: Seattle Symphony, Pacific Northwest Ballet
Tim McCarthy (7/15–7/24)
  • The United States Army Band “Pershing’s Own”


Ross Holcombe, Principal (7/2–7/12, 7/24)

Chair Sponsors–George & Nancy Gale

  • Assistant Principal Trombone: The Florida Orchestra
Steven Osborne, Principal (7/15–7/17)
  • Second Trombone: Sarasota Orchestra
  • Principal: Bergen County Symphony Orchestra
Wade Demmert
  • Seattle Freelancer
Patrick Raichart (7/17)
  • Washington Trombone Collective
  • Freelancer


Ryan Schultz (7/2, 7/12)
  • Principal Tuba: Pacific Northwest Ballet Orchestra and Auburn Symphony
  • Affiliate Faculty: University of Puget Sound
  • Director of Educational Outreach and Partnerships/Faculty: Music Center of the Northwest


Mark Guthrie, Principal

Chair Sponsors–Peter Coggan & Maureen Ryan

  • Principal Timpanist, Artist-in-Residence: Kalamazoo Symphony


Patrick Roulet (7/2, 7/12, 7/24)
  • Professor of Music and Department Chair: Western Washington University
Gunnar Folsom (7/12, 7/24)
  • Pacific Northwest Ballet Orchestra
  • Affiliate Faculty: Western Washington University
Matt Drumm (7/2, 7/12, 7/24)
  • Principal Timpanist: Symphony Tacoma
  • Principal Timpanist: Northwest Sinfonietta



Sophie Baird-Daniel (7/2, 7/12)
  • Artistic Director: Archipelago Collective Chamber Music Festival

Harmonium & Celeste

Nathaniel Fryml (7/12)
  • Director of Choral Activities: Amarillo College
  • Artistic Director: Amarillo Master Chorale