9th Annual Welcome Home Concert features adam Billings, composer

Saturday, January  5, 2019, 7:30 PM at First Congregational Church, 2401 Cornwall, Bellingham 98225

Every year, the Festival sponsors a winter recital by a young musician from the area who is currently studying to be a professional musician in a nationally recognized music program.  The concert typically takes place at the end of the holiday season just after New Year’s.  It celebrates the talent and dedication of the featured young artists, their teachers, and the training they received in area education programs.

This year, we offer a slightly different and intriguing program. We will present composer Adam Billings, now a third year undergraduate studying composition with renowned teacher, Dr. Robert Beaser, at the Juilliard School.  Adam’s original works will be played by his friend and Juilliard pianist Henry Smolen, plus WWU faculty including Erika Block, Kim Breilein, Eric Kean, Judith Widrig, Coral Marchant, Stephen Sehman, Kay Reilley, Jennifer Weeks, Heather Dudenbostel, Jill Whitman, and a student Saxophone Quartet

Adam began his musical training at age 10, playing the clarinet in the Nooksack Elementary School band. In just a few years, he became proficient on the clarinet and the saxophone. After having learned these instruments, Adam became interested in the oboe. At age 14, after playing complicated solo oboe works, Adam began to analyze and dissect what he was playing in hopes of learning how each composer created such beautiful and intricate sonorities. This fascination for sonic worlds led Adam to begin focusing on writing instead of playing. That same year, he started composing under the tutelage of respected composition pedagogue Dr. Roger Briggs. Adam’s music reflects his everyday life, combining natural sounds with a minimalist, rhythmic style to create unique works of art. Adam’s overall goal is to receive a M.M. in Composition and start a life in a place where he can sew his own work into the fabric of music history. Adam continues to take cues from each experience he encounters to then transcribe into his very own catalogue of musical art.

The concert is free to all students. $15 suggested donation for adults. No tickets required.