Newsletter-Vol.2009 No.1

2009 Festival: Familiar Favorites and Relative Rarities

The 2009 Festival promises to be an exciting continuation of the incredibly successful 2008 season. From the familiar fate motive of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony to the flamboyant flamenco-tinged riffs of the great 20th century Spanish composer Frederico Torroba’ s Concerto for Four Guitars, the Festival spans the spectrum of great classical music from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

The last great romantic Zarzuela

The last great romantic Zarzuela

Frederico Moreno Torroba was a prolific musician with a huge impact on music in Spain and is noted for introducing Zarzuela, the traditional Spanish light opera to international audiences. Born in 1891 , he was championed by the great guitarist Andres Segovia who first heard his works in 1918 and was amazed by his instinctive writing for the guitar even though not a guitarist. Torroba wrote dozens of works for guitar, 80 operas (the last of which, El Poeta, he wrote at age 90), ballets and numerous piano pieces, dominating Spanish musical culture for 6 decades. At one time he was the manager of no less than three opera companies presenting many great zarzuelists, including the parents of Placido Domingo, who closed the loop, appearing in the premier of La Poeta in 1981.The Concerto for Four Guitars will be played by the great Romero Guitar quartet.

Bellingham Festival of Music Makes Wikipedia!

Wikipedia, the online free enclopedia with 468 million visits annual has an entry for the BFOM noting its high artistic achievements and resurrection after succumbing to fiscal pressures in 2007. The entry includes links to Bellingham activities, the Bellingham Herald and Michael Palmer. The article quotes the Bellingham Herald that the BFOM was pursuing artistic excellencewith fiscal responsibility.

Not too late to make a contribution to BFOM for 2008 tax year!

Tickets sales only cover 40% of the costs of presenting concerts. Contributions can be sent to Bellingham Festival of Music, PO Box 818. Bellingham, WA 98227

Vol. 2009, No.1

Did you know…?
  • Beethoven was the leading “favorite composer” in BFOM audience survey
  • Antonin Dvorak, the number 5 favorite BFOM composer, wrote an opera called “The King and the Charcoal Burner”
  • 99.3% of respondents of the 2008 BFOM said they would return in 2009
  • There are 5 levels of corporate and 5 levels of individual sponsorship for BFOM